A cup of hot coffee is what you need

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Everything you need to know coffee

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Combo of Tea and Coffee

Combo Products:
1. Milk Tea Premix 10gm 5pc*8=40
2. Milk Tea Premix 14gm 5pc*10=50
3. Malai Tea 12gm 5pc*10=50
4. Malai Tea 18gm 5pc*15= 75
5. Coffee Premix 10gm 5pc*10= 50
6. Coffee Premix 15gm 5pc*12=60
7. Cappuccino Strong Coffee 18gm 5pc*15= 75
8. Cappuccino Coffee 25gm 5pc*25=125
9. Masala Black tea 8gm 5pc*6=30
10. Black Coffee 0.8gm 5pc*4=20

Product Ingredients:
• Coffee Powder
• Non Dairy Creamer
• Milk Powder
• Sugar
• Cappuccino Flavor
• Foaming Creamer
• Milk Solid
• Vanilla Flavor
• Non Dairy Creamer
• Silicon Dioxide (E551)
• Net weight: 0.8gm to 25gm

Product Consumption Procedure:
* Add full packet mixer to 80/120ml boiled (80 degrees Celsius) water

Price 575tk

Featured instant tea

We offer a wide scope of express teas with invigorating flavors from desi masala chai, elaichi chai, lemongrass, adrak/ginger chai, saffron, dark lemon to green tea. Partake in the flavor of flavored tea flavors which contain milk solids and sugar and are produced using handpicked tea leaves. The formula to make home made tea in only one moment is exceptionally basic, no need of milk and sugar, simply add heated water!