NAME: Mohammad Kaikubad



Company Name: M/S Greenpack

Brand Name: Quench Cafe

Inception Date: March 8, 2021

Founding Partners:

  1. MD. Tarikul Islam
  2. Mohammad Kaikubad
  3. Md. Shahinur Rahman


Initiative and Capital:

M/S Greenpack commenced operations on December 6, 2020, propelled by the entrepreneurial vision of its three founders: MD. Tarikul Islam, Mohammad Kaikubad, and Md. Shahinur Rahman. The company’s inception was marked by a modest capital investment of 5 Lac, symbolizing its humble beginnings.

Maiden Product: Instant Tea Coffee

Greenpack embarked on its journey with instant tea coffee as its inaugural product. This pioneering move demonstrated the company’s commitment to offering distinctive and quality tea coffee items to the market.

Company Growth:

From its humble start, Greenpack has experienced remarkable growth. The company now boasts a team of 120 dedicated members and an impressive product portfolio comprising 41 items. This growth reflects the founders’ commitment to excellence and their ability to adapt to market demands.

Diverse Product Range:

Greenpack has expanded its product line to meet the varied tastes of its customers. The current offerings include Milk Tea Premix, Malai Tea Premix, Coffee Premix, Masala Black Tea Premix, Black Coffee, Coffee Creamer (NDC), Full Cream Milk Powder, Shwader Magic Masala, Glucose Powder, Soft Drinks Powder (Orange/Mango), Tasety Saline, Tomato Sauce, Vending Machine, Tea Leaf and Paper cup. This diverse range product the company’s dedication to a wide spectrum of culinary preferences.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At the heart of M/S Greenpack success is a commitment to delivering exceptional service to its customers. The company continuously strives to exceed customer expectations, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

Impressive Customer Base:

M/S Greenpack takes pride in having garnered the trust of over 200,000 satisfied customers. This significant customer base is a testament to the company’s quality products and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Looking Forward:

M/S Greenpack looks to the future, the company remains focused on innovation, quality, and customer service. The journey from a small startup to a thriving enterprise is a testament to the founders’ vision and the collective efforts of the entire Quench Café instant tea coffee branch of M/S Greenpack services team.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Hotline No: 01958-477166