Advantages of having instant tea premixes

Innovation is there in every field, new concepts and ideas come up regularly. Even in the Tea industry there has been one very useful idea ‘InstantTea Premix’. A majority of the people love to drink tea, but even though it is easy to make, not all can do that. Hence, this Instant Tea option comes very much handy. Using Instant tea premix has many benefits besides the above, they are-

  • Health advantage

There are no new and different health advantages of the premix tea, but we will get all those which are there in the tea powder. The different flavours of the tea premix give different health benefits, although, most of them have some common.

  • Negligible preparing time

To drink tea using tea premixes, you just have to pour it in hot/cold water and it is ready. Compare that to the time taken to make tea from tea powder, milk, sugar etc. hence, it is very much time saving.

  • Good for emergency

Tea premix is very much handy when suddenly you are hungry, need energy or surprise guests arrive in your house. At such times, other foods will take time to be made, or might be not available, but tea premix is the best solution.

  • Easy to carry

The other foods take up space in the luggage, but the premix tea gives more servings in less space. Just small packets are required to be carried for any road trips, vacations, outings etc.

  • Economic and Easy to dispose

The cost of the tea premix is small as compared to the combined cost of tea powder, milk and sugar, thus it is cheap on the pocket. It is also better to have premix tea as there is no residue of the tea powder to throw after it is made.

Royal CafeInstant Tea comes in all the flavours which are there for the tea powder. Some of them are Green tea, Assam tea, CTC tea, Solanki select, Solanki gold, Solanki Green City etc. slowly, this premix tea is getting popular as along with the increased use of tea vending machine. Some people have now started to prefer this Instant tea to the original tea powder.

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